Below the surface tunnel tours

Below the surface tunnel tours
Below the surface tunnel tours

A unique urban adventure with strong historical and environmental significance. Explore a tunnel that used to be an open river flowing from Table Mountain to the ocean, feeding the early Van Riebeeck settlement.

"Below the Surface" was born from a team building exercise and has grown since into an experience more holistic than what we are able to give it credit for. This tunnel is steeped not only in South Africa’s earliest history, and legend but has a strong adventure element too.

We descend into the depths of the City’s underground passageways and explore the Historic artery of Cape Town. Our rendezvous point: The main parking area of the Cape of Good Hope Castle. We will enter the manhole at the foot of Table Mountain with gumboots and flashlights.

The excursion takes us below the City where we see the transformation of new to old and the instructor enlightens us on the history of the tunnel, how it shaped the city of Cape Town in the 1800’s and brought much anguish and relief to its rulers and governors.

We resurface in the grounds of the Castle greeted by the sunshine (in true Cape style), fresh air, chilled drinks and snacks and relax in the shade to reminisce on our freshly experienced adventure.

Included in the cost is all your equipment, instructors, refreshment and snacks, permits and Medical backup.

This excursion is run only for booked groups, minimum 10 persons. You can either form your own group or join one of the groups as we put them together.

We meet at the Castle from where we will transport you to the entrance. Here we issue gumboots, headlamps and a briefing before submerging into the tunnel for an hour. We will exit in the castle grounds where drinks and snacks will be waiting for us. The total duration of this experience will be approximately 2 hours.