Dips and sauces to accompany meals and snacks

Saucy and Dippy Delights
Saucy and Dippy Delights

Saucy and Dippy Delights

Nestled in the heart of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, alongside Lions River, Granny Mouse Country House & Spa is the perfect combination of relaxation and luxury. “Granny Mouse has a heritage spanning 30 years, award-winning cuisine and wine, and elegant accommodation options” says GM Sean Granger, “but we pride ourselves more on our ethos of being a home-away-from-home.”

Guests are often inspired to recreate the cuisine they’ve enjoyed at Granny Mouse. With that being the case, let’s dip into something most people love - those tasty side dishes, sauces, condiments and yummy accompaniments that we often don’t make for ourselves. We’ve made them so easy that you won’t be able to resist trying your hand.

Tartar Sauce - serves 4


·        1 cup mayonnaise

·        1/3 cup minced gherkin

·        1/3 cup minced capers

·        1/3 cup minced onion

·        Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

·        1 clove garlic, chopped

·        Juice of 1 lemon

·        2 tsp chopped parsley

Blue Cheese Dip - serves 4


·        ½ cup full-cream yoghurt

·        1 garlic clove, chopped

·        1 Tbsp mayonnaise

·        ½ lemon, juiced

·        50g crumbled blue cheese

·        Season to taste and serve with sticky chicken wings

Honey and mustard sauce - Serves 4 - 6


·        50ml honey

·        30ml soy sauce

·        30ml whole grain mustard

Tomato, basil and almond spread- This is a great vegetarian and vegan dish. It’s perfect as a spread on bruschetta and as a dip with crudités, or toss it through warm pasta for a quick sauce.

Yield- 2½ cups


·        100g flaked almonds

·        500ml (2 cups) ripe tomatoes, chopped

·        30ml (2 Tbsp) sun-dried tomatoes

·        60ml (¼ cup) cannellini beans

·        10ml (2 tsp) smoked paprika

·        15ml (1 Tbsp) balsamic vinegar

·        5ml (1 tsp) crushed garlic

·        10ml (2 tsp) chopped fresh basil

·        salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

·        60ml (¼ cup) olive oil


1. Lightly toast the almonds in a pan over medium heat until golden. Set aside to cool.

2. Add the cooled almonds, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, beans, paprika, vinegar and garlic to a food processor and blend until the almonds are fine.

3. Add the basil and season. While the motor is running, slowly drizzle in the oil to make a smooth dip.

4. If you like spicy food, add a bit of chopped chilli to the dip for an extra kick.

Red pepper, chorizo and chilli pickle - makes approximately 500ml (2 cups)


·        2 red peppers

·        olive oil, for drizzling

·        15 – 30ml (1-2 Tbsp) avocado or cooking oil

·        1 red onion, peeled and chopped

·        1 red chilli, seeded and chopped

·        100g chorizo, cut into cubes

·        2,5ml (½ tsp) paprika

·        2 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped

·        100g (½ cup) demerara or light brown sugar

·        50ml apple cider or white wine vinegar

·        a pinch of salt


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.

2. Place peppers on a baking tray, drizzle with a little olive oil and roast until just starting to char, about 30 minutes. Remove from oven, place in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. This steaming makes the skin easier to remove.

3. Heat the oil in a large heavy-based pan over medium heat. Add the onion, chilli, chorizo and spices, and cook until the onions have softened, about 5 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients except the peppers. Remove from heat and set aside.

4. Remove the skin, seeds and core of the peppers, and cut roughly into 2cm squares. Add to the remaining ingredients, spoon into sterilised glass jars and allow to cool before sealing.

Nicoise chutney


·  10ml (2 tsp) olive oil

· 1 celery stick, diced

· 1 small carrot, peeled and diced

· 1 bay leaf

· 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed

·  5ml (1 tsp) tomato paste

· 15ml (1 Tbsp) wholegrain mustard

· 15ml (1 Tbsp) brown sugar

·  30ml (2 Tbsp) baby capers

· 150g sun-dried tomatoes in brine/oil, drained

· 250g Kalamata olives, pitted and chopped

· 5ml (1 tsp) soy sauce

· 5ml (1 tsp) Worcestershire sauce

· 10 fresh basil leaves, chopped

· 1 x 410g tin tomato and onion relish

· 10ml (2 tsp) freshly squeezed lemon juice

· freshly ground black pepper, to taste


1. Heat the butter and oil in a heavy-based pot on medium heat. Braise (with a wooden spoon) the celery, carrot, bay leaf, garlic and tomato paste, and stir until the carrot is softened.

2. Stir in the mustard, brown sugar, capers and sun-dried tomatoes, until the sugar has melted.

3. Add the chopped olives, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and basil, and stir for a minute. Add the tomato and onion relish, lemon juice and black pepper.

4. Simmer over very low heat for 90 minutes, stirring occasionally so the thickening chutney does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

Serve hot or cold.

Homemade barbecue sauce- a delicious way to add some special flavour to any meat dish. Slightly sweet, slightly tart, and delicious on any grilled meat.

Serves: Makes 500 ml (2 cups)


·  500ml (2 cups) tomato sauce

·  60ml (¼ cup) apple cider vinegar

·  60ml (¼ cup) soya sauce

·  250ml (1 cup) water

·  60ml (¼ cup) brown sugar

·  60ml (¼ cup) honey

·  5ml (1 tsp) dried chilli flakes

·  a pinch of ground cinnamon


1. Place all the ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat and slowly bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until thick and glossy, 30 – 35 minutes.

2. Remove from the heat, allow to cool and place in sterilised jars.

3. Store in the fridge for 1 – 2 weeks.

Alternatively, email reservations@grannymouse.co.za and let our chefs indulge you.

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