Do your homework before attempting to attract skilled labour

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Do your homework before attempting to attract skilled labour

The shortage of skilled workers and the difficulty businesses experience in trying to fill vacant positions means that human resource managers have to be meticulous with all details relevant to the recruitment process.

This is according to Nicol Myburgh, Head: Human Capital Business Unit at CRS Technologies, who adds that recruiting the right person is a lot easier said than done.

“There are many factors to consider and it is advisable to avoid making rash decisions based on little to no information. You are looking for someone who will gel with colleagues, someone with the right temperament, but also with the requisite skills and knowledge to be able to perform at their absolute best,” says Myburgh.

CRS Technologies says the first consideration is to be clear about what skills are required and what resources the business has in place to help.

“It is interesting to note that many human resource professionals are emphasising the importance of soft skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, creativity and leadership. Of course, hard skills and qualifications are critical, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that soft skills are more important than ever before,” says Myburgh.

Given that skilled workers are in high demand and there is so much more at stake in the employee- employer relationship, it is absolutely essential to identify experience levels, along with theoretic knowledge.

Another key consideration for job seekers is the need to demonstrate a passion for the position and the industry or sector they are looking to enter.

“Employers want people who are excited, energetic and committed to excel. The days of ‘punching in a card’ and simply going through the motions to get that pay cheque are well and truly over. Now the relationship between employers and their employees is based on the willingness to go the extra mile, to participate and be available,” adds Myburgh.

Other very important considerations include the ability to communicate, the candidate’s ability to work within a team, and their emotional intelligence level.

“It’s very important that candidates show a willingness to understand their employer’s culture, the environment and what they would be expected to do. This compatibility is essential if the arrangement is to work.  Passion and excitement are very important and should not be underestimated,” says Myburgh.

Today, as markets embrace technology and the role of people remains a topic of debate, the reality is that irrespective, people represent the companies they work for, and if they truly want to do their very best for the business, they will demonstrate it.

“With so many issues and trends impacting the work space today, from the great resignation to quiet quitting, it is absolutely essential that a business recruits someone who ticks the soft skills boxes and has the education, experience and knowledge to back up these skills.”

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Following its establishment in 1985, the Johannesburg-based company quickly found its niche in the human resources, people management and payroll sector and, owing to its ability to successfully manage the most complex scenarios, soon matured into the specialist of choice for blue chip organisations and SMMEs across the globe.

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