Obsidian partners with JetBrains

Muggie van Staden - Managing Director of Obsidian Systems
Muggie van Staden - Managing Director of Obsidian Systems


Obsidian partners with JetBrains

Obsidian Systems, celebrating 29 years which began from humble beginnings in IT operations, has been appointed as a JetBrains consulting partner in South Africa. JetBrains is a global software company that creates professional software development tools and advanced collaboration solutions trusted by more than 15 million users worldwide.

The JetBrains product range includes award-winning tools, such as IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, ReSharper, and PhpStorm, and productivity-enhancing team tools like YouTrack, TeamCity, and Space. JetBrains is the creator of Kotlin, the officially preferred language for Android development.

“This partnership with JetBrains is significant as we are seeing a shift take place where IT is focusing more on developers and enhancing their skill sets,” says Muggie van Staden, Managing Director of Obsidian Systems. “Our heritage is one where we have always looked for ways to empower developers to do more, be smarter, and embrace innovation. JetBrains is giving local developers access to a comprehensive platform that gives them the foundation to service the next wave of technology transformation.”

Obsidian's role will extend beyond consultancy and training, as the company will also serve as a reseller of JetBrains' tools. This move is poised to make JetBrains' development environments more accessible to South African developers, further enriching the local software development ecosystem. The integration of Kotlin, with its versatility across Java Virtual Machine, JavaScript, and native code compilations, is expected to open new avenues for software innovation and efficiency.

“Developers are also integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their coding practices. They are at the coal face working with end users and consumers to create solutions that deliver on expectations. With JetBrains, we are also able to run code through AI and check for any potential errors. The platform provides an additional fail-safe to further enhance the development environment,” adds van Staden.

As Obsidian Systems embarks on this journey with JetBrains, the company is confident that it will provide the local software development community with the means to become even more agile in a digitally driven market.

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About Obsidian Systems

Obsidian Systems is an established supplier of Open Source software solutions. The company was started in 1995 as a modest services provider targeting businesses and organisations looking to integrate and leverage off Linux infrastructure.

Subsequently, the organisation has expanded by partnering with Autumn Leaf and RadixTrie.

The expansion of skills has seen the establishment of a formidable team finding ‘smarter’ ways to align our expertise for Enterprise Open Source solutions for you. This includes retail and subscription services; support and observability for managed services; consulting, architecting and software services across hybrid IT models for your business.

Obsidian Systems and its subsidiaries, Autumn Leaf, and RadixTrie strive to bring three legs to the South African market: the first being vendor-certified products; the second being local skills providing consulting, development, support and training; and the third being innovative offerings built on the latest open technology. With these three elements, any organisation can trust the enterprise open source solution provided.

Obsidian Systems is a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowered supplier of open source software solutions in South Africa. We help teams to get their code to the best platforms and the correct data.

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