Why does your business need Endpoint Protection?

Warren Bonheim - Zinia
Warren Bonheim - Zinia


Why does your business need Endpoint Protection?

In today's world, where digital technology is everywhere, keeping our online information safe is more important than ever. For businesses, this means paying special attention to something called "endpoint protection". But what is an endpoint? Simply put, an endpoint is any device that connects to your business network - like computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Why is Endpoint Protection So Important?

Think of your business as a building with many doors and windows. Just like how you'd secure these doors and windows to prevent break-ins, securing your endpoints is crucial to protect your business from online threats.

“The way we work has changed a lot,” says Warren Bonheim from Zinia, a leading IT technology group and Managed Services Provider. “People can work from anywhere, using many different devices, which means our 'digital building' has more doors and windows than ever before.”

“The threat from hackers and cyber-attacks is real and evolving. Remember the big SolarWinds attack in 2020? It showed how even the biggest companies and government agencies can be hit.”

Attackers are getting smarter and their methods more complex. They're not just using automated viruses anymore; they're actively breaking into systems, often undetected, by mimicking normal user activities.

Shifting from Defence to Active Security Operations

Gone are the days when you could just set up a security system and forget about it. Now, IT security teams must actively hunt for threats and stop them before they cause damage.

“This means constantly watching for any suspicious activity and responding quickly,” Bonheim adds. “It's like having a security guard who doesn't just wait for an alarm to go off but is actively patrolling the building.”

The Future of IT Security

The key to future IT security is creating a system that learns and improves continuously. This means that every new threat detected helps the system get better at preventing similar ones in the future. It's a cycle of constant improvement, making your business safer over time.

Bonheim concludes, “Endpoint protection is not just some technical jargon; it's an essential part of keeping your business safe in a world that relies heavily on digital technology. As the cyber world gets more complex, ensuring your endpoints are secure isn't just a good idea - it's a necessity. Think of it as an essential part of your business's online security system, constantly evolving to protect against the ever-changing threats out there.”

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