If there’s one facial feature that acts as a sign of the times, it’s your eyebrow shape. In the 90s it was the razor thin brows of Pamela Anderson from Baywatch, to one of the latest trends featuring Cara Delavigne with the bushy brows.

Your eyebrow contour definitely provides proportion to your face, enhancing your features and framing your eyes, states the team at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa.

The experts at the Mouse House emphasise that rather than committing to short-lived trends, try keep as natural as possible and not change the shape completely. Rather emphasise the good qualities and make subtle shape or definition changes where needed.

Some options are to fluff them up, shade them or fill in to add subtle shape and definition, where and when needed. Your eyebrows create the frame and balance to your face. Having the right style and shape of brow can make a huge difference to your look. At Granny Mouse Spa, the team adds that the most important thing is to enhance what you were born with.

When assessing your eyebrows and the shape thereof, use your tweezers by holding them up to your eyebrows to measure. The top bridge of your nose is aligned with your tweezer. When finding your arch, take one finger and lightly pull up - this shows you where your arch is and where you are looking to change.

If you want to define your face in the simplest way possible, nothing quite beats how you shape your brows. So check out below what some of the biggest eyebrow trends are for 2023:

1.    Texturised 3D brows – which is a blend of upright set down and in place brows which are wild and textured.

2.    Thin brows – unlike the 90s which were skinning, 2023 sees them more tailored and higher arches.

3.    Straight brows – brows that elongate straight, instead of arching downwards dramatically.

4.    Brow lightening - basically lightening your brows but not making them disappear.

5.    Tailored lamination – shaping brows where hairs are manipulated in a direction that suits

6.    Coloured brows – rather experiment with make-up than do permanent dye

What is OUT for 2023:

1.    Over-styled HD brows – long gone and don’t do it.

2.    Trimming – leave those scissors alone.

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