Five secrets to achieve the perfect work life harmony

Larry Soffer - Africa’s leading mentalistLarry Soffer - Africa’s leading mentalist
Larry Soffer - Africa’s leading mentalistLarry Soffer - Africa’s leading mentalist

Five secrets to achieve the perfect work life harmony

Juggling your work and personal life can feel like an uphill battle, especially for self-employed individuals who wear multiple hats. Throw in the challenges of working in the entertainment sector, with irregular schedules and constant demands, and it becomes even more crucial to find harmony between professional and personal commitments.

Larry Soffer, Africa’s leading mentalist, together with his manager and wife, has successfully mastered the art of maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance and is keen to share his valuable tips and captivating stories with others seeking the same.

1. Find your switch off button

We struggle to switch off from work when faced with stressful situations or unresolved tasks. To combat this, I have developed a fail-proof strategy. I make a list of everything I need to do and create a clear action plan to tackle it. When my tasks are organised, it becomes easier for me to switch off and relax. I focus on finishing one thing at a time, crossing it off my list, and having a clear idea of what awaits me tomorrow.

2. Make downtime entertaining

As my career progressed, my life became increasingly multifaceted, demanding attention to various aspects beyond work. Balancing work with marriage, managing a home, and caring for our two dogs has taught me the importance of nurturing different aspects of life. Each component contributes to our overall joy and prosperity.    

Planning enjoyable activities during downtime plays a crucial role in detaching from work and the importance of making solid plans with loved ones. When you schedule fun activities with your spouse, friends, or family, you assign more significance to them. This compels you to switch off from work and fully immerse yourself in the moment.    

Switching off from work is a challenge I have faced. Passionate about my craft, work became an integral part of my identity. However, my wife, who also manages my career, has played a pivotal role in helping me find the right balance. My wife is excellent at reminding me to switch off and spend quality time together. Though it's a continuous learning process, I've become much better at detaching from work and appreciating the beauty of life beyond my profession.    

3. Find the right energy booster

When it comes to maintaining energy levels, I swear by power naps. A quick 15 to 20-minute nap recharges me and leaves me feeling refreshed. With frequent travel, I have mastered the art of sleeping on short flights, ensuring optimum rest before performances. I also find solace in going for walks after a stressful day, clearing my mind and gaining perspective.

Spending quality time with my wife and adorable dogs, Lily and Luna, also provides a welcome respite. Cuddling in front of the TV and enjoying a good movie or series allows me to unwind completely.

4. Be honest with yourself

I remain discerning about projects I take on. While money is essential for survival, it's crucial to assess whether a project's pressure is worth the reward.

In the past, I have cancelled projects when clients were difficult to work with. It is important identify and establish boundaries with challenging clients.  

5. Know when to draw the line

Stay professional, even in the midst of exciting events and glamorous parties. It's tempting to get caught up in the party atmosphere but remember that you're there to work. Clients are always observing, and the industry is small. Strike a balance and know when to draw the line.

There were unique challenges posed by the pandemic. As virtual shows became the norm, work-life balance took a backseat. Transforming a room in my home into a studio, my wife and I managed all aspects of my shows together. Catering to audiences across different time zones, even performing in the middle of the night, added an extra layer of complexity. Despite the challenges, we embraced the adventure, resulting in successful and unforgettable experiences.

Now that things have returned to normal, with the occasional virtual show, Larry Soffer is excited to inspire others to achieve work-life balance. With his wisdom and remarkable journey, he motivates individuals from all walks of life to nurture different aspects of their existence, leading to fulfilment and prosperity.

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Larry Soffer - Africa’s leading mentalist