Off the beaten track through the wilderness

Wild Coast Sun - leisure activitiesWild Coast Sun - leisure activities
Wild Coast Sun - leisure activitiesWild Coast Sun - leisure activities

Off the beaten track through the wilderness 

Quad bike tours are just one of Wild Coast Sun’s exciting leisure activities  

Flanked by ocean, river, lagoon and 750 hectares of lush indigenous bush, Wild Coast Sun is situated on one of the most unspoiled beaches in Southern Africa and has been a family holiday destination for more than 40 years.

Besides the obvious ocean and river activities, there are an abundance of land activities to do and exploring the great wildness on a quad bike is a definite must.

You can opt for one of three tours, all with their own picturesque scenery and many photography opportunities for social media or mounted to your wall at home.

Extreme Quad takes you up to lookout point to cast your eyes over the shimmering ocean from up high.

The Express Tour is not to be misinterpreted for a short tour, rather that there are times when you can accelerate to faster speeds. You travel over rocky terrain to the swing Umzamba Bridge where the movie Blood Diamond was made. You climb off your quad bike to cross the 140m long bridge to a commemorative plaque at the other end and your guide will provide other interesting facts – like 15m pylons and 133m of steel rope were used in its construction. The views from the bridge will take your breath away.

The Full Tour is the longest of the three at one hour, it is a full scenery tour of Umzamba and the uMhlanga KZN Sharks Board & Conference Centre, also known as the old shark’s board. Quad riders disembark for a 15-minute exploration and even pop into the small gift shop or have a quick refreshment at the café.  

Whether you have ridden a quad bike before or have zero experience, the tours cater for the proficient as well as beginners. Knowledgeable tour guides provide the group with a quick lesson before you head out. A recommendation, let the faster people go in front of you so you don’t have them riding on your tail and you can enjoy the experience at your own pace. 

While you ride, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, such as Blue Duiker and Large Spotted genet and also the occasional herd of cattle – and try dodge their manure to avoid splatters from the bike’s tyres.

With local tourism is on the rise again, it is time to support tour operators and others in the tourism industry whose livelihoods were heavily impacted during the pandemic, and quad biking is a definite must for the bucket list. 

Tour details

Segway Guiding Tours is situated at the Wild Waves Water Park. For quad bike bookings, 24-hours in advance, please contact 083 456 8507 or

* Tours are weather dependent.

Costs vary according to the type of experience and drivers need to be over 16 years old. 

  • Extreme Quad: 30-minutes, at R430 per driver and R140 for a passenger, the tour takes you to lookout point, overlooking the ocean
  • Express Tour: 45-minues, at R285 per person, a route through the wildness to the Umzamba Bridge
  • Full Tour: 60 minutes, at R630 per driver and R190 for a passenger, is a full scenic tour of Umzamba and the old shark’s board.

For children younger than 16, who want to take the reins, there is an obstacle course at R150 for five laps.

* Children as young as four can Segway, height dependent.  


  • Comfortable shoes are a must, no high heels
  • Apply sunscreen
  • No bulky handbags or accessories which could become entangled with the steering wheel.

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Wild Coast Sun - leisure activities