Top 5 Hacks For A Budding Superwomen

Superwomen - Zanele MbokaziSuperwomen - Zanele Mbokazi
Superwomen - Zanele MbokaziSuperwomen - Zanele Mbokazi

Top 5 Hacks For A Budding Superwomen

Zanele Mbokazi - Mentor, Mother and Matriarch 

Women play many roles in their daily lives. We are loving mothers, adoring wives, dedicated daughters, driven professionals, and caring mentors to name a few. Success in all these sections of our life depends on keeping a healthy balance between them. Author, mentor, and mother, Zanele Mbokazi, tells us how she manages to find inner peace through balance. 

Zanele is a passionate believer that Faith plays a core part in success. Encouraging people to have faith and believe that everything they have ever dreamed is possible, is the cornerstone of her workshops. Her ability to add a uniquely feminine touch to the process of dream realisation has earned her the title of ‘Midwife of Dreams’ from her past students. 

Here are Zanele’s top 5 hacks for other budding superwomen:

Dream big and start small

If you don’t know where you are going, how are you going to get there? Life-altering actions always begin with dreams, big dreams, that are based on a big picture of what you want and why you want to achieve what you want. Once you are grounded in your dreams, you need to translate them into goals that are simple, achievable, measurable, and timebound so that you can see your progress and stay motivated. 

Plan everything and write it down

Any successful woman knows that planning is essential. Zanele’s to-do list includes everything from family time, business commitments, self-care rituals and much more. She knows from experience that detailed planning allows her to fulfil all her roles, be there for everyone who needs her and still reserve some energy for herself. Attention to detail, quickly executing each task, and having a written record of your plan is key to avoiding getting side-tracked. 

Prioritise and focus

To make sure you are working towards achieving your goals you need to take a step back often to check if what you are doing every day is in line with them.To ask yourself if what you have planned to do today, is taking you closer to your dream tomorrow. Only then can you prioritise which to-dos are most important and focus your energy on a realistic path to achievement.

Recognise your inner voice

We all have that inner voice that can be our biggest critic. It is important not to ignore it, instead recognise it, and accept it, and you remove its negative power. Zanele has given her inner critic the nickname ‘nunu’ and will repeatedly tell that negative voice ‘not today nunus’ as a way of claiming power over potentially negative thoughts and reinforcing faith in yourself. 

Find your tribe 

No woman is an island and you cannot do everything for everyone all the time. Pay attention to those around you who are able to help and delegate them responsibilities and tasks in your home and professional life. Empowering those around you, creating a sense of agency and giving gratitude to those who help you makes them feel valued and gives you a way to balance your time. If you can’t pick up the kids from school, somebody in your tribe should be able to. In life and business, your tribe will support you and make sure you don’t buckle from the stress of trying to do everything.

Zanele’s story is, without doubt, one of resilience and dedication.It is her faith, her ability, her family, and her tribe that allow her to see possibilities in places of crisis. As a mother, mentor, and matriarch Zanele believes in leading by example. She wants to make us aware of the powerful influence we have over our children, our colleagues, and our confidants in what we say, how we carry ourselves and what we do professionally. When speaking of her family, Zanele bursts with pride not only for her children but for herself and the faith she had to be capable of raising giants.

Self-belief propelled her to be able to stand on any stage in the world and helped her see herself as more than simply Zanele from Thornwood.

Superwomen - Zanele Mbokazi