Why you should host your next business conference in a small town

conference - small townconference - small town
conference - small townconference - small town


Why you should host your next business conference in a small town

2019 has arrived and it’s time to start planning your next business conference. First on your planning to-do list should, of course, be the venue. You may be researching all the main big cities in South Africa and looking at catering companies and accommodation there. However, perhaps it’s time you do something a little different and plan your business conference in a small town.

Now, this may seem like an odd idea. Why would you try to get people to go out of their way to attend your conference? Surely, having it in a big city makes it more accessible. Well, read on to find out why small towns are the best places to host an event of this nature.


It’s easy to encourage attendees to network

Business conferences are all about the sharing of ideas. And the best way to share ideas is to network. You want people discussing what your speakers have said during this period instead of scattering straight after the event. Small towns encourage networking as all the guests will be staying at the location. For example, accommodation in Kathu in the Northern Cape offers attendees the opportunity to stay close together and therefore spend time with each other before, after and during the event. Bed and breakfasts and guest houses in Kathu are not difficult to find and because it is a small town, people won’t have to go far to find other conference-goers.


You’ll find amazing accommodation in small towns

Kathu accommodation, to use as an example once again, offers comfortable accommodation with everything a person could need while at a business conference. In the town of Kathu and others like it, you’ll find an abundance of places for your attendees to stay and they’ll have all the amenities they could ask for. In addition to this, small towns offer a personalised experience which you won’t find in the big cities. Kathu guests will be given attentive service and the staff at these places will be accommodating, informative and willing to give advice on the local sights.

Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy luxury accommodation situated in a scenic area which boasts interesting fauna and flora. They’ll more than likely have access to WiFi so they can take notes, answer emails and keep in touch with those back home. Just because they’re staying in a small town, that doesn’t mean they won’t have technology at their fingertips.


It will be both business and pleasure

Travelling to a big city feels like a business trip. And as much as someone wants to attend your conference, the trip to and from the venue may feel like added working hours. However, when you choose to host your event in a small town like Kathu, one which is a few hours drive from their home, the attendees will feel like they’re on holiday while they’re working. Why? It’s simple, because of the beautiful surrounds in a place like Kathu, that’s often referred to as the town under the trees, they’ll feel refreshed and inspired. And isn’t that what you want your guests to feel like, refreshed and inspired? This way, they’ll be more inclined to pay attention and speak freely to others during the conference.

In most small towns, there is much to see and do. This gives conference-goers the opportunity to explore and get to know the local history in their downtime. This may encourage people to consider taking a few extra days to see the area and have a relaxing holiday. If they do this before the conference, they’ll be refreshed and ready to take in all the new and exciting information and ideas shared. And if they choose to go on holiday after the conference, they’ll have time to truly absorb what has been said before they go back to work.

Hosting a conference in a small town is a unique idea that will appeal to a large variety of people, people who want to attend the conference, but also want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. By hosting your event in a more secluded area, you’ll be appealing to people’s sense of adventure and their need to have a holiday at the same time. It’s an interesting way to appeal to guests.

The fresh air will reinvigorate them and prepare them for the content of the conference. They will be encouraged to network and interact with other attendees and make new connections. Small towns in South Africa have a lot to offer the average conference-goer and it’s time you took advantage of this.

conference - small town