Amazing inspiration tips for artists who need a boost



Amazing inspiration tips for artists who need a boost

As an artists it can be difficult to stay inspired all of the time. There are some days when you feel lacking in creativity and need a boost in order to create a work of art. You could turn to Instagram, to look at accounts of your favourite artists to gain some inspiration, or you could go out into the world and take photographs of daily life that spark an idea in your mind.

Another way to gain back your inspiration is to go to a local art gallery and look at the contemporary African art on display. If you feel like you need a little boost to inspire you, read on below for some top tips.


Doodle it

Doodling might not sound like a “serious” art form, but a simple exercise can often bring about the best results. All you have to do is find a piece of paper, your favourite pen or pencil and start filling the page.

The most important thing is not to take doodling too seriously, you just have to fill the page with your thoughts and emotions. Doing this might bring you an idea for your next work of art or inspire a whole series of pieces. Your doodles can be random or you could theme them based on something close to your heart. Remember, this is a fun and relaxing exercise, not one to stress about and take too seriously. Whatever you doodle, draw or sketch, it will be worth something and will help to boost your creativity levels.


Set up a schedule

Now, a schedule sounds like the least creative tip out there, but having one has helped many creative people to produce masterpieces. If you are going to be trying a new artistic venture, or are working towards reinvigorating your artistic practice, try experimenting with a few routines so you can find one to best suit your needs.

Start by making sure you are getting enough hours of sleep to suit your age, health and lifestyle. Next, when you start a creative project, you will need to allocate enough time for the “flow” to happen naturally. This refers to the mental state of being fully immersed in a project and feeling energised by it. Once you have this set out, you will need to allot time to food breaks and time to rest and come back to your project with fresh eyes.


Take photographs of things that you like

One of the best ways to inspire creativity is to get out of the house and take photographs of nature, people and anything that takes your fancy. If you do not take a photograph of the things you like or of a scene that inspires you, you are likely to forget it by the time you return home or to your studio.

You can use the photographs you take as references for paintings or sculptures or you can use them as part of your inspiration for a project. Having your own reference photographs means that you avoid any copyright issues that could crop up by using images you find online or in magazines. You do not have to take professional-quality photographs, a quick snap on your cell phone will suffice, unless you plan on using it as a reference. Be sure that you ask permission from shop owners and people to take their photograph so as not to offend anyone or get into any legal trouble.


Visit a gallery

You most likely visit your local art gallery on a regular basis, but it is the perfect place to go when you feel as though you are lacking in creativity. Visiting an African art gallery such as the Zeitz MOCAA could bring about a new and exciting idea for your next painting, and going to an art gallery will also expose you to the new trends in the art world.

Often, art galleries offer free entrance, which means that your trip will not be an expensive one. Unfortunately, you might not be able to take photographs of the art you see inside, but you can take home brochures and catalogues to keep for inspiration. You may even meet the curator, allowing you to speak to them about your own art and even a possible exhibition in their gallery. Take a business card and portfolio with you if you are interested in speaking with the gallery owner.


Keep yourself accountable

If you are serious about creating art, then you will need to keep yourself accountable for any decisions you make. Procrastination can turn from “leaving it until tomorrow” to going a month without creating anything. You will need to keep yourself accountable and ensure that you stick to your schedule and make an effort to doodle, go outside and experience the world or spend time in an art gallery.