Look for the signs: it’s not too late to call in a wedding planner

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Look for the signs: it’s not too late to call in a wedding planner

Did you know that you're actually supposed to enjoy the wedding planning process? That it’s not supposed to keep you up late at night or make you wish you and your fiancé would elope instead?

It’s natural to feel stressed while wedding planning, but it shouldn’t develop into full-blown anxiety, depression or aggression. It’s not too late to call in a wedding planner and it’s healthy to take a step back from wedding planning in order to recentre yourselves on why you’re getting married in the first place. That’s what’s important.

Look for the signs and come to terms with the fact that you may need a bit of extra, professional help. And that’s okay.


You have no time

Between work, life and wedding planning, it’s easy to run out of time and put wedding plans on the back burner because “there’s still enough time”. Stay in that cycle long enough and there'd be no more time to organise everything exactly the way you want it to be.

If you’re in this situation where you can’t find the hour or two a day to sort out the finer details, you might want to hire a wedding planner to take over and organise it all for you. All you’ll need to do is give them a breakdown of what you want and what you’re flexible about and they’ll sort out the rest of your wedding for you.


You’ve hit a plateau

Something else that many brides and grooms experience during wedding planning is hitting a plateau. The first few months of planning go really well. You book your venue, your photographer and videographer, your DJ and your caterers and have the floral company on board. Then a few more months go by, but you feel like everything is on track because you have the “big things” sorted out.

Skip to about two or three months before the wedding and you still haven’t done any more planning. Now you’re starting to stress about what your next move needs to be. The truth is, the smaller details of the wedding are as important as the big ones. Just because you have a venue, menu, photographer and outfit, doesn’t mean you have a wedding yet.

Wedding planners know what goes into events such as this. It’s what their event management courses from UNISA or Boston have prepared them for. These courses make sure they consider every possible detail down to the knife you’ll be using to cut your cake. Didn’t think of that one, did you?


You’re literally drowning in tulle

You might still be handling all your own wedding planning, but you’re basically a headless chicken running around and ordering things you aren’t even sure you need. Motoring at this pace isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s not a realistic pace to set for wedding planning and if you’d have done an events management course, you would know this.

At the end of the day, you’ll end up overspending your budget, not fully thinking your decisions through and rushing on your wedding day to make sure it’s turning out as you imagined it would. Stop. Take a breath. And make a phone call to a wedding planning agency to get someone to help you.

Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean that you have to step back completely. It means you can put more energy into one thing at a time to make it perfect, while they take care of background details. You don’t want to burn out and have no energy left to even walk down the aisle.


You just don’t know

Another sign that it’s time to hire a wedding planner is when your answer to all your family and friends’ questions is “I don’t know”. When you aren’t motivated to make decisions anymore and wish that someone would just take your guidelines and decide for you, that’s literally what a wedding planner can do.

They are the event management experts and as long as they understand what you definitely want and don’t want to see at your wedding, they can organise everything for you. That way, you don’t need to stress about a thing.


Planning isn’t fun anymore

If you find yourself crying at night about everything you still need to do for the wedding or snapping at your parents, wedding party and friends when they dare suggest anything to you, it’s another sign.

Wedding planning is supposed to fun and keep you excited about the wedding day and marriage to come. It’s a special time in your life that you can’t get back once it’s over. If you need the help to get you excited again, then hire a wedding planner and just have fun with it.  

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