Why your company should offer internships



Why your company should offer internships

Companies that offer internships seem to be a step above the rest. And that’s probably because, well, they are. There are so many benefits for businesses that offer internship programmes and it’s definitely something for your company to consider if you aren’t already on that bandwagon.

If you want to be known as one of the best skills development companies in South Africa where the growth of your employees and human capital is a priority, you need to offer quality internship programmes. Programmes where graduates can learn about the industry and excel in it at the same time. And it’s not only for their benefit but for the benefit of the company as well.  


An extra set of hands for mutual benefit

When you have interns roaming about the office, you have an extra set of hands helping out your departments and your business. Hiring interns doesn’t have to be a costly venture and you can set the time period within in which the programme runs. There’s also no harm in handing over larger tasks to interns who show great promise as it’s great work experience for them and convenience for you. They get the experience they need to start building their careers and you get the mundane and large jobs done at a fraction of the cost.  

Graduating with a recognised qualification in today’s working world doesn't mean as much as it used to. Experience is everything when it comes to applying for and landing a job. Something hardly any graduates have to offer on their CV. This is why internships are a great opportunity for them. It’s a way into the work-system where they can earn credible experience in an industry of their choice. Yes, they are generally overworked and paid peanuts, but it’s never more than a year (usually six months) and then they can take what they’ve learned in that time period (which is mountains of experience) and apply for a job elsewhere. If they aren’t offered a permanent entry-level position by the company they’re interning for, that is. And that’s another benefit in itself.


Growing your future business stars

With internships, you have the opportunity to grow and groom your future business stars. There is a lot of talent walking out of university who just need the right environment to develop their skills. And if your company has human capital development principles, you’ll be offering them an internship that will help them hone in on those skills and develop that talent. This will, of course, benefit your business as you’re growing the talent your company needs to be more successful.

Internship programmes in that regard, also make the recruitment process an easier one. It becomes a matter of finding an intern who fits the company culture, has a desire to learn and is interested in the industry of your company. They can then do the internship programme, be offered a permanent position thereafter and continue their amazing work as they grow in the company.

It’s also one of the contributing factors that encourage graduates to apply for the internship. To know that there is a possibility they may be hired at the end of their internship period and not have to stress about finding a job afterwards or having to complete another internship at another company before they can get a job there.


Attract fresh minds and talent

Speaking of contributing factors that encourage applications, the fact that your company even offers internships is an attractive feature for fresh minds and talent. It’s a way graduates can ease themselves into the working world by gaining work experience and getting to know the industry they’re interested in. It’s an opportunity to learn, develop, put something on their CV and earn some money while doing so.

Most graduates don’t search for jobs anymore when they obtain their degree, they search for internships. And if you want in on the new perspectives and raw talent these people have to offer, you need to offer an internship programme. And not just any internship programme, but one that has different programme length options (for example, the choice between a three or six-month internship), as well as a programme that offers the intern the chance to work within other departments as well, if they’re interested in more than one position.

If HR has been on your case about how you’re going to develop the human capital of your business, propose a detailed plan about an internship programme in the company and you’ll definitely impress them. Find a small budget to accommodate a few interns at a time and arrange with departments heads where they would be able to mentor and include an intern in their daily work schedules. You’ll be surprised at the difference in company efficiency and the positive brand reputation that builds once you implement an internship programme. But it really is worth the effort and resources.