Agricultural machinery needed for fruit farming

fruit farmingfruit farming
fruit farmingfruit farming

Agricultural machinery needed for fruit farming

Any type of farming comes with a list of implements that are necessary to make it a success. Fruit farming has a list of unique agricultural machinery that you will need to operate a farm without a hitch, such as spraying equipment, a tractor and a harvest aid.

These farming tools will not only make your life on a fruit farm easier, but will help to increase productivity and yields. Outlined below is a list of agricultural machinery needed for successful fruit farming.


A compact spreader

A compact spreader is agricultural machinery that is designed specifically for vineyards and orchards. It is much smaller than traditional spreaders, making ideal for use between narrow vines and orchard tree rows.

You will easily be able to spread your choice of fertiliser across your orchard or vineyard, distributing it evenly and accurately underneath low foliage, where it is most needed. The reduced frame of a compact spreader means that it will not damage any of the plants, and while it might be smaller than usual spreaders, a compact spreader does not compromise on quality.


A tractor

While you may not be ploughing fields all day, having a tractor is important even to a fruit farmer. This piece of agricultural machinery is used for a myriad of tasks, from transporting heavy loads such as fruit tree saplings or moving heavy farming tools to where they need to be.

If you have a smaller farm or orchard, you might not need a heavy-duty tractor with loads of torque, but be sure to look for one that gives you enough power to be useful. You will also need to decide on what attachments you need for the tractor, such as different types of plough and rotary cutters for the grass surrounding your fruit trees or vines.


Hand tools

Hand tools are some of the most important and most-used pieces of agricultural equipment on a farm, especially when dealing with pruning, weeding and cutting back vines or orchard trees. These tools include shovels, rakes, scythes, picks, hoes and a variety of others needed to harvest and plant fruit successfully.

Some of these tools have been mechanised over the years in order to make their functions easier and more streamlined, but they have kept true to their purposes. Hand tools can help if you have a smaller orchard or vineyard and do not need larger farming tools to keep things in check. It is a good idea to ensure that your tools are kept in good working order by sharpening and cleaning them regularly.


Sorting machines

If you are farming on a commercial level, then you will need to have a sorting machine on your farm or nearby for harvest time. Fruit sorting machines have been developed specifically not to damage the fruit, with the ability to sort both large and small fruits.

Sorting fruit is important to the fruit farming industry, as consumers demand uniform products, and sorting through fruit by hand can prove to be tricky and highly time-consuming. Fruits such as apples, pears, oranges and other citrus fruits can be sorted by weight, size and even colour, making the process of delivering the perfect fruit to supermarkets more efficient and easier.


Pruning towers

If you have tall trees in your orchard, then you will need to have a pruning tower so you can reach the branches with ease. This agricultural machinery is operated by one worker while another is lifted to reach the higher branches to trim and cut them if need be.

It is important to practise safety when using a pruning tower, as accidents can happen quickly and without warning. Be sure that all farm workers are wearing protective clothing when using these towers, and are aware of the dangers associated with them. Having a pruning tower means that you do not have to manually climb a ladder to the high branches to prune them, saving you time and effort for other important farm activities.


An irrigation system

Arguably one of the most important pieces of agricultural equipment for a vineyard or orchard is an irrigation system. You can set one up to spray water during the cooler hours of the day, saving water from being evaporated by the sun, or use a drip-irrigation system to be extra water savvy.

Your irrigation system will depend on your soil quality, available water sources and the number of trees or vines you have to water. Micro-irrigation systems apply water to the treeline of the orchard only, whereas other irrigation systems also wet the ‘traffic-lane’ between the trees. Irrigating only the tyree line not only saves water but reduces the amount of traffic in between the trees, allowing for easy passage for workers and equipment.



Being a fruit farmer comes with as much responsibility and equipment needs as other crop farming, and so you will need to ensure you have everything ready before you think of planting an apple tree or grapevine. You will need a variety of hand tools, a compact spreader, a tractor and an irrigations system in place in order to have a successfully run farm. Soon enough you will have a fruitful farming business.

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