Date ideas for every type of parent

Date ideasDate ideas
Date ideasDate ideas


Date ideas for every type of parent

Becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean that you no longer have time to spend with your significant other. In the beginning, it can be challenging to juggle work life, family life and your love life, but the more you learn how to control these situations, the easier it will be to make time for your partner.

At the end of the day, a successful family comes from having a strong foundation with your partner. There will always be days where you go through the motions of life, but you constantly need to remind yourself and your partner to make time for each other and re-energise your connection by going on a date.

Date night is as fun as you make it. You should set out regular days throughout the month where you and your partner decide to go on a date night. Be it a casual picnic, a movie in your home’s lounge or something more extravagant, it’s entirely up to your budget. The point is to spend quality time together.

Here are a few date ideas for every type of parent:

Imagine sharing a full day, half or even just an evening together, doing whatever you want. Well, you can make that happen by organising a babysitter for your children, so that you can explore the town.


  • If you have the whole day to enjoy each other

Canopy tours: For the more adventurous soul, you can let go of your fears and zip line from one platform to another in the gorgeous Elgin Valley. On a zip line, you will get the opportunity to soar from the trees and really feel like a child again. It’s a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping experience.

Kayaking tours:Watersports have never been more fun. If you want to explore the ocean or river banks, try looking into a morning of kayaking. In Cape Town, you can experience this in Sea Point or Simon’s Town, giving you a peaceful and relaxing moment in nature. Just what you need to unwind in.


Hiking: If you enjoy being outdoors and keeping fit, there are several scenic hiking and walking routes to explore with your significant other. From Jonkershoek Nature Reserve in Stellenbosch to Newlands Forest and Tygerberg Nature Reserve, you are bound to find something close to your home. Hiking is always ideal when you want to take things slow, talk and enjoy each other’s presence.


  • If you only have half a day to yourselves


Picnic: If you manage to plan your date day around a sunny Cape Town day, you should certainly take the opportunity to soak in the sun and celebrate your time off with a picnic at Kirstenbosch Gardens. If you’ve visited the gardens before, you will know that there are many beautiful attractions to see. This calming and peaceful environment is just what you need to unwind while getting out-and-about.

Go for a cycle: Fitness fanatic or not, cycling on the Sea Point Promenade is one of the most cute, unique and fun experiences. Here you will get to rent your own old-school bicycle and cycle along the sea, soaking in the ocean breeze and taking photos with your partner. There are a variety of little shops and restaurants to stop off at along the way, so grab yourself an ice-cream or milkshake and enjoy.


Dinner date surprise: It’s not every day that you get to spoil your partner. So, if you’ve agreed on dinner as a date night idea, take turns to surprise each other with the location. Make a list of your favourite and bucket list places and switch things up every now and then. Going out of your way to get dressed up and feeling fancy is always a nice way to rekindle that spark and make an effort for each other.


  • If you just want to relax

Order in some food: Unwinding at home is always a real treat when you have a family to take care of. Make your date day special by ordering in your favourite takeaway goodies to indulge in. There will always be times when you simply feel like doing nothing. This is one of those day’s date ideas, but try not to mess. The last thing you want is to mess food on your couches.

Watch a movie at home: Choose a list of movies and make it a movie marathon date in your own home. Go the extra mile by buying your favourite snacks and sweets, make some hot chocolate and enjoy. While a feast-filled movie night is a real treat, again, try not to mess on your couches. If this is an activity you do regularly, you should consider purchasing some couch slipcovers in South Africa or couch covers in Gauteng, or wherever you may be based, to avoid melted chocolate from rubbing into your sofa. With couch covers, you can really go above and beyond to enjoy yourselves without having to worry about ruining your lounge area.

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