Last minute holiday activities for the whole family

activities for the whole familyactivities for the whole family
activities for the whole familyactivities for the whole family

Last minute holiday activities for the whole family

Sometimes when we reach that time of year known as school holidays, we realise that there are not very many activities planned to keep children busy. This can make the holiday period seem never-ending, but below are some last minute activities that are family friendly and guaranteed to be fun!


Take a road trip

If you live in Cape Town, taking a road trip to a destination such as Namaqualand or the Karoo is an easy and relatively affordable holiday activity. Choose a destination such as the stunning Springbok, known as the flower capital of South Africa.

Stop off at one of the many quirky hotels in Springbok and once unpacked, make your way to where the wildflowers bloom. A road trip does not have to have a final destination, simply going for a drive to explore your local area can make for a fun and entertaining afternoon. You may even discover a new favourite eatery or craft store along the way.

Have a picnic in your local park

Children of all ages (yes, even teenagers) enjoy spending time outside in the fresh air, so what better way to spend time together than a picnic in your local park? You can pack a selection of healthy snacks to nibble on throughout the day.

Don’t forget to bring along some toys, a picnic blanket and sunscreen if it is a warmer day. Find a comfortable shady spot and set out your picnic while the kids play and enjoy nature. There are many free parks dotted around the major cities of South Africa, but if you have to pay entry do not forget to bring along the right amount of cash so the trip is not wasted.


Visit a nature reserve

Spending time at a nature reserve is a popular activity among children, especially if there are animals to be spotted. Luckily, many of the South African nature reserves include animals such as giraffes, zebras and buck for children to look out for.

You can make a fun game out of the visit by drawing up a list of animals and plants for your children to spot and note, turning it into a scavenger hunt with a prize at the end of the day. Be sure to check on the reserve’s website whether or not they allow the removal of plants before setting this task, as some indigenous flora may not be allowed to be removed from the premises due to their rarity.


Go to a museum

This may sound like the last activity your children would enjoy, but museums can provide hours of fun with their dinosaur fossil collections and stuffed extinct animal displays. Some of the museums in South Africa offer free entry for children under twelve years of age, making this a highly affordable family trip for young families.

Some museums have unique displays, such as the replica Victorian street in the Natal Museum and the recorded whale calls in the Iziko Museum in Cape Town. Children may complain at first about visiting a museum, but will often perk up at the amazing historical artefacts they can see and discover while exploring the halls.


Volunteer for a charity

Many charities need more volunteer help over the holidays as their regular staff takes time off, and so would be very happy to have your family as volunteers for their cause. If your children are firm animal lovers, spend time helping out at the SPCA or AACL in your area. Donate food, play with the kittens or offer to bath the puppies on hot days.

You could also choose to volunteer at a homeless shelter or at a local hospice shop. If you find that the tasks are too difficult for your children, spend a day or two collecting unwanted clothing, toys and other items an donate them to a charity close to your heart. Giving back to the community is something every child should take part in.


Have fun together

One of the most important things to remember during family activities is to have fun while you are together. Often, this is why spontaneous activities are best because the planning falls away and you can enjoy the time together, without having to worry about what the next stop is on the trip or whether you have enough time to do everything in one day.

activities for the whole family