Must-haves on your wedding table settings

wedding table settingswedding table settings
wedding table settingswedding table settings


Must-haves on your wedding table settings

There’s a mountain of detail that goes into planning a wedding if you're one of those brides who know exactly what she wants and has a beautiful picture of how everything is going to look in her mind. The hard part is finding everything to make the bride’s imagination come to life without disappointing.  

One of the more detailed elements of the wedding is the tables and how they’re set. so, we’re going to talk about a few different elements you need on your table settings to make sure you don’t leave anything out.


Wedding theme and colours

You should know what your wedding colours are by now and your bridesmaids’ dresses are usually a reminder. As for the theme, it should correlate with your wedding colours and be brought into all the different areas of your wedding – definitely including your tables.

So, when you start your table décor shopping, be sure to stick to those colours and that one theme. You’ll be making it easier for yourself to decide on what to use where.  


All the layers

Starting at the bottom, your table needs to have a tablecloth. If you plan on putting on more than just a tablecloth and dinner plates, then it would be a good idea to have a monotone and solid base colour for your tablecloth.

You can bring in the rest of your wedding colours through the table runners, placemats or place boards and serviettes. If you can help it, try and have things like your table runner and placemats match so that you create a contrast between the plates and tablecloth underneath.

It’s all about using and creating layers to bring in your colours and have a foundation of your table decorations simply through materials. Then it's not always necessary to crowd the table with decorative items and you can even save some bucks.


Table numbers

Next to go on top of the tablecloth are your table numbers. You undoubtedly spent a fair amount of time sorting out the seating chart and placing certain groups of people together. You wouldn’t want it to become a case of first-come-first-serve, all because you forgot to place the table numbers, would you?

You can do it one of two ways: traditional or creative. You can have traditional table numbers that stand out just enough to inform people of which tables they are, but not too much that they outshines the décor. Or you can be more creative and have photographs of you and the groom from age one to 10 (or wherever depending on the number of tables you have) and make it more personal and part of the décor, for example.


Name cards

Back to the importance of the seating chart. People may have found their table, but they still need to find their seat. And that’s where name cards come in.

Generally placed on top of the serviette and dinner plates (and a different colour to the plate so that it stands out) you can place your handwritten or mass printed name cards. Besides directing traffic around the reception room, it makes your guests feel special and honoured to be there.



How could you forget the flowers on your wedding reception tables? You can’t really, because they’re one of the largest costs involved in this wedding. Your flowers are your centrepieces and any other décor element will usually be integrated with the flowers.

Just keep this in mind when choosing how to design your centrepieces: if you were sitting at that table and wanted to make conversation with the person across from you, would you be able to do so easily? Or would you have to do some serious neck and leaning exercises to see them through the foliage?



There will be speeches and there may even be some individual thank-yous, but on your wedding day there is always so much going on and you’re bound to miss a few names and faces. Having your thank-yous or party favours on the table will be the easiest way to show your appreciation to all of your guests and it will also give them something to take a selfie with while they’re sitting at the table between courses.

And, bonus for you, if they’re really cute, they will add an extra element to your table settings.



If you want more things to keep your guests busy, then consider having some tableside activities for them to do.

Something as simple as an “advice for the bride and groom” suggestion box can be both fun for them and educational for you at the end of the wedding when you put them all together.


Save some space

Now, it’s important to be realistic about having everything that you want on your tables. With all the décor, cutlery, crockery, drinks and party favours, you need to make sure that there is still enough space to be comfortable around the table when eating. If you still want everything, then just be smart about your placement.

If you have all of the above, your tables are ready and you can start stressing about the next item on the wedding-planning checklist.

wedding table settings