Kit out the farmer's shed



Kit out the farmer's shed

Agriculture is an important industry in the world and farming is a serious business. Now, in order to conduct serious business, one needs to kit out the farmer's shed with the best farming machinery and equipment.

Let’s talk a little bit about what should be in this “shed” of yours, as a serious farmer, that is.


Spreading equipment

The name of the game is “distribution” and that is what spreading equipment is perfect for. Depending on what sector of agriculture you’re specialising in, you’ll have to find the right spreader equipment for your farm. Whether it becomes a means of spreading fertiliser, lime, or any organic material, if you have the right spreading vehicle, you can cut costs on labour and uneven distribution.


Tillage equipment

If you’re a crop farmer, or livestock farmer for that matter, you need tillage equipment in your shed. You need to prepare your soil and land for a new season of seed-planting or grazing and, in order to do that, you need a machine capable enough to efficiently dig, stir and overturn the ground you’re planning on working with.

Gone are the days of abusing farm workers and sturdy animals with heavy tools being dragged behind them for long hours in the heat. There’s equipment designed for tillage and specially designed for your specific farming needs.


Rock removal and road graders equipment

Getting around is pretty important and, you may think that your tractor is indestructible with those huge tyres, but it isn’t. Make driving around for you, your tractors and your guests, a pleasant experience by creating some sort of road way.

First thing’s first, you need to get your rock removal equipment out of the shed and on the path of what you’d like to be a gravel road. Then you make use of road graders to level the path to make it a road. Don’t think that the job is done once the roads are in place, keep your equipment for maintenance purposes and, who knows, you may end up expanding and needing more roads.


Feeding equipment

If you’re running a rather large farm with a variety of livestock, each with their own specific dietary needs, the easiest and best way to distribute their food is by using feeding equipment. Not only will it help distribute feed into feeding bins, but it will mix and combine the different ingredients together – saving you the time and trouble of doing it by hand.


Rotary cutters

A farm is usually a rather large plot of land. A large plot of land, with a lot of grass (especially if you’re farming livestock) that is continually growing. Your plan wasn’t to spend a good few days walking your lawn mower around the plot, was it?

Rotary cutters can easily be attached to your tractor and driven around your plot of farming land. It will save you plenty time and money in the long run. The reason why you would want to “kit out your shed” (and, by now, you should know that “shed” is essentially referring to every farming tool and piece of equipment), is so that your life on the farm is easier to manage and daily tasks are easier to complete.


The future of farming equipment

This is where most of the world’s farmers are now using these sets of equipment to run their farms and keep everything in operation. And if you were wondering where you could find the abovementioned equipment, take a look at Radium’s website (

But, as with every other piece of equipment in the world, the future of farming equipment is under construction. Autonomous tractors could be making their way through your farms and carrying out the necessary tasks. And not only will they do the work for you, but they will be able to give you feedback on things like moisture level, fuel used and current yield.

And after the driverless tractor, the next toy for the farmer's shed will be a drone. Not quite useful when it comes to putting in some elbow grease around the farm, but valuable for its surveying capabilities and crop management. They have the ability to be your eyes over the farm and give you information pertaining to the weather, soil and crop health, watering fields and even applying fertilisers. Maybe it will lend a hand with those elbow-grease tasks. It could, essentially, perform the same tasks as your spreading equipment. Granted, it would probably take a swarm of drones and quite some time to cover the entire plot.

So, is your farmer’s shed up-to-date and ready for the next harvest?