How millennials are changing project management for the better

millennials - project managementmillennials - project management
millennials - project managementmillennials - project management


How millennials are changing project management for the better

Part of being an effective project manager is knowing how to connect with the people you’re managing. The global working force is filled with so many personalities, generations and cultures that all have completely different views of the workplace and communication mannerisms that are beyond the norm.

By 2025, it is predicted that millennials will account for 75% of every workforce, so whether companies want to believe it or not, now is the time to pay closer attention to how they’re changing the world. While certain aspects of project management have remained the same, like the straightforward nature of the job, millennial workers have already influenced the duties associated with these positions, making use of new technology, social tools and organisational structures to help make things more efficient.

These are a few evident changes in project management:


Purpose means passion

One thing that people forget to remember is that when millennials do well, it's because they’re doing something that they are passionate about. They are not typically lazy, as they have been labelled in the past, but when there is a purpose behind what they’re doing, they are certainly hard-working individuals. With project management, millennials want to know the ‘why’ before they do anything. They want to know the full spectrum of a project before they can strive for excellence.


Transparency is key

Transparency is a quality that millennials thrive on. It's something that they look at when searching for a potential position at a company, the employees they surround themselves with, and the managers that will be leading them. This generation of workers want to create, and be involved in, an honest and open culture where there aren't barriers between employees. In project management, this is especially important because of all the task delegation and teamwork.


Access to the latest technology and tools

It’s clear that the project manager of the future will use a varied approach, something very different to the norm. They will centre their approach around technology, convenience and efficiency. Millennials love technology, and know exactly how to use it to their advantage. They know how valuable it is in achieving better results for a company’s bottom line, which makes them so much more of an asset to the company.

They are always introducing the latest innovations; anything to improve the current system.

Understanding how millennials work is the first step to managing them. They thrive on the thought of living a well-balanced life, and they want to have the freedom of working flexibly. No matter where they are or what they’re doing, millennials make it known that they can work without being pinned down. With a mobile phone, laptop and a fast internet connection, communication has never been easier.  


Shorter decision-making processes

With digital information being so readily available, making decisions has never been easier. Where older, more traditional project management plans took months to compile, now you can complete something in a day or less. This efficiency allows project management to be done faster and more professionally, giving companies more time to take on more tasks.


Broader knowledge and diversity

Because millennials come from a different generation to others, their way of thinking differs drastically. They are more creatively inclined with their strategies and are far more open to change, meaning they are willing to try different tools to make a project better. This enthusiasm and willingness increases diversity, which leads to higher levels of experimentation, and presumably, better final strategies.

Younger generations enjoy learning and educating themselves, especially with courses that provide them with eternal knowledge and growth for any career path that they decide on in life. Project management training does just that: it teaches you how to adapt to change, be flexible in your own work as well as in a team environment, and it teaches you great time management and communication skills.

They are willing to take risks

What many people admire about Millennials is their willingness to take risks. They want to try new things, challenge traditional processes and create new ones that suit them. They want their team to be better, therefore these individuals are very supportive and hungry for growth. With the digital scope being so broad, the ability to be more agile in their strategy or developments is becoming more evident in teams.


They thrive on collaboration

The thing with millennials is that they pride themselves in building a strong team connection. They love to collaborate and do things together as a team. When they set goals, they strive to achieve them together. Another great thinking that millennials bring to the table is that they are always happy to brainstorm new solutions to solve old problems. They love sharing ideas and helping each other be better. Naturally, when you engage in an idea generating environment, you become more involved, challenged and productive.


millennials - project management