Qualities that make you an effective sales manager

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sales managersales manager


Qualities that make you an effective sales manager

A business exists to make money, which essentially the sales team is responsible for. Whether you’re working behind the scenes or pitching, any role that requires you to connect with clients, contributes to the overall success of any company. And with digital becoming the new face of selling, changing up skills, behaviours and cultures of current and potential sales teams have never been more challenging.

The importance of an effective sales manager cannot be stressed enough. These individuals manage a team of sales people, with vastly different personalities and selling techniques, and they need to be able to encourage and motivate their team to overcome challenges and respond to change.

Not everyone is cut out to sell or even manage a sales team, but the better the leader, the better the team. These are the top characteristics of a successful sales manager:


You need to be able to master change

The thing with sales is that the industry is constantly changing. Trying to be flexible in these moments will differentiate you from the rest, as well as your team. When you study sales and marketing courses online, it will teach both you and your team how to adapt to these changes with confidence.

With the ever-changing industry, digital sales techniques will not always work the way more traditional methods do. Being able to lead your team into a successful future, by adapting them accordingly will be one of the most rewarding challenges. When you educate your team, it’s also a great opportunity to get your teams to engage over something that will benefit both of them.


You need to be able to coach

To be a successful sales manager, you need to be up to scratch on training. The training and development of employees are crucial to any organisation’s performance, therefore they need to have the knowledge to perform these activities with your staff. Having a deep and thorough understanding of the business or organisation is the first step to building a productive workforce.


Build your team on trust

In uncertain times, a sales manager should be able to lead with resilience. You are the one who needs to help and support your team when they’re not meeting targets or succeeding with pitches. By creating an environment that is built on trust, you will lead to your team to respect you. Remember that you set the example, and when you are honest and caring, your team will return the same emotions towards you. Make a point of being committed to helping your team be successful, and naturally, they will be.


Give objective feedback, regularly

People want to hear how well they’re doing. With sales being such a number game, it’s motivating to hear how much of a good job you’re doing. If not and you are struggling with something specific, people want to know that too. Be sure to have regular feedback sessions with your team.

The ability to give objective feedback, with a balance of positive reinforcement and criticism, is one of the top characteristics of a successful sales manager. And if you want to have a team that sets goals and sticks to them, then you need to support them and communicate with them.


Build a team that is enthusiastic

A happy team is a productive team. If you want your team to be more efficient, effective and productive, you need to set the tone of a happy and engaged environment. Sales managers are critical in building enthusiasm and motivating salespeople to succeed. Some of the best managers invest a lot of energy into building a strong culture with high morale, which is especially important in sales. If this is an area that you struggle with, try to introduce incentives and competitions to help boost performance.


Be sure to have strong communication skills

Not just because of the nature of the job, but in order to be an effective sales manager, you need to have strong communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, with good interpersonal skills. Understanding problems, conveying ideas and conducting training all are carried out through words and the ability to show empathy towards your team. If you have trouble communicating, it’s unlikely that you will be able to get your staff to be happy, motivated and generally just better.


Make time for your team

When the going gets tough, it’s not easy to juggle admin work and an underperforming salesforce. One thing is for sure, if they are underperforming and you’re not paying them the attention that they need, the less interested and productive they will become. Be it a question or some pitching tips, make sure that you’re always available when they need you most. Make a point to always be involved in their work.


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