Social sports for adults

Social sports for adultsSocial sports for adults
Social sports for adultsSocial sports for adults


Social sports for adults

Take a moment to think about what it is you do with your free time.

Do you just go from home to work and back home everyday? And are your weekends reserved for chill time, game time and maybe a friend or family gathering if you feel like it?

Now, are you happy with that lifestyle and what you’re doing? Or is it time to make a change and get more active and involved in the world beyond your bed and office desk?

Think about taking up a social sport that allows you to be active, have fun and meet people at the same time. It’s not about becoming the next National Champion, but rather about finding a sport to make the most of your time.



Let’s start with something easy, not too physically strenuous, and definitely fun for everyone. Yes, bowling counts as a sport and it is most certainly a social one. Tenpin Bowling Association of South Africa is proof of that.

But you also don’t have to get competitive. It can just be for yourself, so that you have something to take up your empty Tuesday and Thursday nights every week. Lights, funky shoes and drinks don’t sound like a bad weekday evening at all. And you can do it throughout the year no matter the weather.



As much as golf is a great way to spend a day of your weekend, playing golf during the week (if you can afford the time with work) is even better. And, as they say, practice makes perfect and how else would you want to spend a beautifully sunny day?

Round up a group of friends to take to the course and better your skills, get those legs walking between holes and enjoy the sound of hitting that golf ball with a driver club.



Now we start getting more physically active. The ultimate summer sport for adults – out on the beach or indoors – is volleyball. Super social and a great way to work on your tan and fitness at the same time.



If you loved dancing as a child or teenager but fell out of it because of a heavy schedule, now is your chance to get back into it. Many dancing studios offer adult classes, all taking place during a weeknight. Get your Triumph sports gear and get moving.

Ballroom and Latin dancing are popular styles for adults in South Africa (possibly connected to looming wedding dates) and are perfect for learning different routines throughout the year and even competing if you want to.

You can even take contemporary dancing classes and work at your own pace to increase your flexibility, fitness and try your hand at emotive dance.

Dancing is a great social sport where you can have fun with music and choreography. And enjoy the embarrassing slip ups that everyone makes because eventually you’ll get that move right and it will feel amazing. Even though you generally dance in groups, it's an extremely personal sport where you find your connections between body, mind and music and from there express your interpretations through the dance moves.


Indoor action sports

Everywhere you turn, you hear the terms “action netball”, “action soccer” and “action cricket”. So what is everyone on about? Here you can create your own team of friends or join an existing team, train, enter the indoor sports leagues and maybe even win some medals.

If you’re looking for fitness and fun, then this is where you go. Highly competitive team sports are more enjoyable as an adult than they were as a youngster.  


Rock climbing

If you prefer to be out in nature and exploring mountains, then try rock climbing over the weekends. It’s more of a solo sport where you have one or two others with you to handle the ropes, but it’s still a sport that anyone (who isn’t afraid of heights) can enjoy.

It’s a two-in-one with spending time in nature and clearing your mind while using your muscles to reach new physical heights.


Why it’s something you should do

When you see “sports” you get taken back to your school days and being forced to take part in a sport as a student requirement. But the joy of getting involved in a sport as an adult is that you get to choose and do what you enjoy as an activity (with exercise as a bonus).


It’s a great way to sneak exercise into your weekly routine, meet new people and excel at something other than your day job. Not to mention, learning as an adult is beneficial for your brain. Take the day’s stress and use your social sport as an outlet to relax before heading into a new day. There really is no disadvantage here, it’s all in your best interest.


Social sports for adults