Cycling performance centres

Cycling performance centresCycling performance centres
Cycling performance centresCycling performance centres


Cycling performance centres

If you want to get serious about cycling then you’re going to need some professional guidance. It’s not always as simple as buying the most expensive bike gear and working your fitness up with every ride. If you want to do your best, you need to get in the proper training and look into what cycling performance centres can provide. And even if you’re just into cycling for the social and more recreational side of it, make the most of your rides through tailored training sessions.


Bike set up

Any ride, on the road, through the mountains, in a spinning class or on an indoor performance monitoring bike, it needs to be done with the right bicycle settings. These settings are personally tailored to you and unless you want to risk injury or long-term damage, don’t accept general bike settings. Performance centre instructors can help you set up the bike to accommodate your body and perfect your cycling position on the bike.  

Once you’re comfortable and memorise the settings, you will be able to set up any bike for all your rides or training sessions in times to come.


Terms to understand

  • FTP: Functional Threshold Power refers to the highest average power you can uphold on the bike in a predetermined amount of time.
  • Watt Test: FTP is measured in watts – by means of an FTP or watt test – which gets categorised into different training zones
  • Zones: There are 7 zones starting from below 55% FTP and going up to over 150% FTP. Namely: active recovery, endurance, tempo, threshold, VO2, anaerobic and neuromuscular power.
  • Effort: Effort is how much power put into a workout based on your FTP range. It extends from very light to light, moderate, hard and maximum. And each effort zone achieves a different fitness function.  


Power training routines

Taking a cycling performance centre such as Cadence and looking at their power training routines will give you an idea of where you can benefit and improve in your cycling. To get you started, you will do a 20 minute watt test to figure out your FTP and find your low, mid and high ranges for each zone. You will then be challenged and trained according to your personal zones, always pushing to improve your range per zone.

These workouts will be tailored to what you, in your cycling capacity, want to achieve and improve. These can include heart and lung workouts, aerobic fitness, endurance or strength sessions where each session is an hour long of constantly pushing your limits under the watchful eye of industry professionals.

There is also CycleZone in South Africa that offers similar services with a few extras, such as screens for visual simulations of cycling outside and metabolic testing (which adds more data to consider for your VO2 training zone).


Why make use of performance centres?

This kind of training is a great way to burn calories, but, most of all, it’s the right way to improve your personal cycling efforts. You’ll understand where your power is coming from and how to use it over a longer period of time as opposed to going flat out from the start and burning out earlier.

Going to a performance centre for power training is the right way to create and follow a training program because you will be guided and monitored by professionals to make sure you reach your maximum effort goals without compromising on your health and safety.

Power training with a power metre is an effective way to monitor your improvement with solid data on performance differences as opposed to relying on different finishing times for the same ride that could have been affected by wind speed or other external factors. You can also use these metrics to see where you need to improve or see how you’ve improved since increasing your FTP.

It’s only going to make you a better cyclist and make you more aware of the effort you feel you’re putting in and what effort is actually exerted. So, put on your Chris Willemse Cycles cycling shorts and sweatbands, find a cycling performance centre near you and get ready for a heck of a workout.


Cycling performance centres