4 tips to treat your staff better



4 tips to treat your staff better

The employees are a business' greatest asset. It's only fair that they are treated with respect and dignity, right? It's important that you engage and inspire them to greater productivity. But this can only be done if you change a few rules at your workplace. You should invest more in the growth of your employees and simply try to treat them better. Remember that they are highly valued assets who help achieve the vision of your business.

National Labour Day is celebrated annually and this reminds everyone of how important employees are to businesses. If you truly want to engage your employees, something to remember is that personal needs trump professional aspirations. Remember that people wake up as human beings and not employees. Although many of their waking hours are spent at work, the internet and smartphones keep employees connected to their personal goals and issues 24 hours a day. They are always toggling back and forth through multiple activity streams in multiple corners of their screen. So, that means they have their own personal battles to fight and it's not always about work.

Here are a few ways how you can treat your employees better and achieve business success.


Show them what it means to start a business

You’re the owner, but that doesn’t mean you should be selfish when it comes to business. So, expose your employees to tough choices and situations they'll need to experience to start their own businesses. If possible, you should give them responsibility and ownership. Help them see the importance of delivering value to the people around them. As the owner with startup experience, be a beacon that inspires them to follow. And eventually, as time goes on, they'll become beacons as well. Let's face it, they'll eventually leave your company, but they'll look back and appreciate what you did for them.


Offer them opportunities

As technology changes these days, so should your employees too. If you want to treat them better and make them happier, you need to offer them opportunities to upskill themselves. That will act as motivation for them to deliver great work. They'll also be more excited to come to work every day as they're being valued. Another and obvious way for employees to upskill themselves is through studying. So, you can grant employees with the opportunity to further their studies through the company. There are many short marketing, writing and HR management courses they can take. You can come up with an agreement that they should, for instance, work for your company for another two or three years to repay you.


Allow them to exploit you

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn't be selfish when it comes to business. Allow your employees to build their network off of yours. Allow them to learn your skill set and how you achieve your goals. Every business has failures here and there, let them learn from them and how to deal with them. They should learn not to repeat your mistakes. Teach them how it's possible for other businesses to steal some of your clients and employees. That way they'll be aware of it and will be able to create a strategy to prevent that from happening once they launch their own startup. Training them to do all of these things will be beneficial for your business in the long run. You might not see it that way now but it'll definitely help you. Besides, if you act with abundance in these situations, then abundance will come to you. There are too many business owners who act with fear and scarcity and ultimately scarcity will come to them.


Don't gossip about anyone

This counts for coworkers, clients, top-management and anyone else in the business. Many people don't actually realise how dangerous gossiping can get for several reasons. If people hear you talk bad about them, they won't forget that easily. And even if they might not hear you, they can sense it as the general feeling of negativity lingers in your work environment. Instead of gossiping about someone, it's usually better to figure out what you can learn from the person being gossiped about. Besides, you're at work, your time should be better spent thinking or talking about work-related things rather than gossip. It's always best to discuss something you're grateful about instead of something you're unhappy with. The person you're talking to may be turned off by your negativity and find your criticism of someone else unfair and small minded. So, to work in peace, rather discuss everything openly with employees and coworkers.


It's important to treat your employees as if they are eventually going to be better than you. Although they are your employees, you can still learn a lot from every single one of them in the time they have with you. And spending more time with them will show that you really care for them. So, start with these four tips to create a more happy work environment.