How to do winter in South Africa

South Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winter
South Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winter


How to do winter in South Africa

The real romantics out there love winter time. This season conjures up images of snuggles and cuddles around fireplaces and with loved ones. Up North in the likes of Europe and America, snow is expected. Which opens up a whole new world of entertainment, even for those who prefer to remain outdoors and active rather than indoors.

So vacationing to destinations that have heavy snowfall means that you can anticipate days knee deep in snow and skiing or snowboarding. You’re likely to build the odd snowman or two and even have a snowball fight. But if you’re in South Africa, then your winter holiday season might feel less than great by comparison to what the likes of Aspen, Colorado have to offer. In reality, South Africa might not have epic snowfall but winters here can be pretty magical.

If you really want a skiing holiday you can consider either Tiffindell Ski Resort in Rhodes, Drakensberg or Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho. But that’s not what South Africa is known for. Our country is filled with a variety of awesome adventures no matter the season. And while we are renowned for our beautiful, sweltering hot summer days poolside or enjoying gorgeous coastal beach resorts, there’s no reason to stop the fun when winter comes.

In fact, there are some activities that are simply better in winter. Not too mention the discounts you can find. The most luxurious accommodation spots often offer off-peak rates. This means if you’re heading to one of the fancy waterfront hotels in Cape Town for a getaway, you’re getting pretty plush lodging at a steal.

If you want to explore this country in the upcoming winter season, then consider doing the necessary to make a real adventure of it.


Consider a winter bush adventure

Winter is the best time to head out into the bushveld. If you want to see some wild animals in their natural habit, witness a kill and watch them with their young, then the cool early morning game drives in the colder season are where it’s at. Also, in winter time the bushveld offers better visibility as it is less thick with leaves and greenery. The grass isn’t as tall so animals can’t hide.


Wintery wine tasting

Wine tasting is something that most South Africans thoroughly enjoy. Down in the Cape, the winelands and various routes around the province provide visitors with the most enjoyable experiences learning about their favourite bouquet. While this can be a summer treat, in winter it takes a different turn. You’re not looking for the fruity blends that pair with melon and prosciutto but rather the deep reds paired with pungent cheese boards and velvet chocolate. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a wine pairing in a beautiful luxury lounge near a fireplace, looking over the dewy and green vineyards.


Braais and fire pits

In South Africa we braai. While this is commonly a summertime activity because it is a quick fix to al fresco dining, it can also be most enjoyable during the winter time. And it’s become a very popular winter activity because our coldest season is actually rather mild. Most homeowners have made an effort to expand their homes to include an entertainment area. Sometimes the braai area is indoors and sometimes it’s simply sheltered. Either way, standing by a blazing fire with a glass of red and cooking a beautiful piece of steak is an extraordinary way of spending a winter evening.


Surf’s up in winter

The two surfing hotspots in South Africa are the Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal. And both are better in winter. The water is warmer and the waves are bigger. Plus the water is often emptier. You see, everyone wants to learn how to surf in summer time but if you really want a quality surfing lesson and experience, then sign up in the winter season. You’re bound to find yourself an enthusiastic surf instructor, a sea full of thrilling swells to tackle and less concern for bumping into your neighbours with your board.


Relax and kick back in your favourite restaurant

A fiery fillet covered in your favourite bespoke Habanero sauce from your preferred steakhouse is unlikely something you’ll turn to in the summer time. After all, we’re all a little more body conscious in this season and none of us necessarily feel like rich, heavy, hot and filling foods when it’s an uncomfortably hot 32 degrees outside. But in winter time, there’s less emphasis on heading outdoors and you’re likely to feel a little more enthusiastic about an evening enjoying rich, satisfying foods. This is the season during which you should set reservations at the likes of pucker Italian joints, your favourite meat place or head out for a night of Kurdish feasting. Whatever your indulgent delights may be, it’s in winter that you can really sit and enjoy long dinners and a full belly.

South Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winterSouth Africa - winter